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The World-Cultural-Heritage

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Forces  of  nature or detonation of the end with a cause- and- effect chain and a preventation of  panic by tall tales in 2017/ 2018/ 2020/ 2021 and so on? 

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany, Naturgesetze und die Fetalchirurgie - Ursula Sabisch (wv.to)

To the Institute for

Peace Investigation and Safety Politics

On the University Hamburg, IFSH Falkenstein

122587 Hamburg

Luebeck,  2004, February Tuesday 10th.

Sign of the Time / An unusual Planet: Earthquake

CC/ To all Universities Worldwide in 2016

The German-language document you may find here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Geophysicists,

“The geologic processes in the earth's crust and in the upper earth's mantle, which lead to mostly large-scale vibrations of the surface of the earth are called earthquake and are of natural origin.

Some kinds of earthquake appearances can be traced back to great blasts e. g. nuclear explosions from subterranean atomic tests or by impacts of meteors.

From the natural earthquakes the collapse quakes are a result of the breakdown of the underground openings.

As concomitants of volcanic outbreaks or lava movements occur the volcanic earthquakes.

Concerning their effects on the human being the tectonic quakes are the most important. In number (90% of all earthquakes) and intensity they exceed by far the importance of the remaining earthquake kinds. 

They may go ..........   .”It is quite evidently, that one knows for more than ten years that earthquakes not always have a natural origin, because subterranean nuclear tests are not natural, however, it should quite simply not be noticed!

My person has copied and has tried to translate this above mentioned text from the big World Atlas of the processed new edition in 1993 by Isis publishing company AG, Chur Switzerland.

If one has a look at the Internet sites to inquire about the latest earthquake series, the same theses are set up over and over again.

It means over and over again, that earthquakes are of natural origin!

Now, slowly is end with your ignorance and your arrogance, now, end is with both that banging around and the experiments, whether subterranean or on God`s earth!

You and others please, should immediately have a look at the Internet sites of the Institute for Peace Investigation and Safety Politics under the topic „The Physics-Portal for Students", regarding to inform you about the entire nuclear-testing-stop-contracts to be able to come closer immediately to sensible results and causes of earthquakes with and by your evaluations by your seismograph broads.

Please, see particularly precisely the performed subterranean nuclear tests in the period of 1945-1994, therefrom have taken since 1974:

815 to the account of the USA

715 to the account of Soviet Union

24  to the account of Great Britain

18  to  the account of People's Republic of China

159 to the account of France and it should have been a total of 2000 tests.

If one compares the complete data of the nuclear tests to the seismic focuses temporallyl and also on-site, one must accuse concerning this particular France, that it has a lot of Africans on the conscience as it can be proved.

Even from the today's earthquake series, started in Japan with the strength of 8,0 on the Richter-Scale, further over Iraq to Africa, you are playing with your basis knowledge and set up scientific contentions, which already do miss every basis in the today's time.

You as a geophysicist please, get the CD Rom of the Fischer World Almanac in 2002 and then please, let show you the data of the worldwide disassembly of crude materials and of the exploitation of the earth.

Please, see particularly the cubic meter data in billion heights and the ton data in million heights and do not underestimate the periods within one year.

I would like to perform some examples herewith briefly:

Canada: In 1998

166,089 t of gold,  689 (Tsdt) = 689 000 t of copper, 1 115 t of silver, 2 374 (Tsd t) = 2 374 000 t of aluminium, 128,769 (mil t) = 128 769 000 t mineral of oil, 161 bill of m3 = 161 000 mil. m3 = 161 000 000 000 m3 11773 t of uranium etc.


France: In 1998

554 t of uranium, 424 (Tsd. t) = 424 000 t of aluminium,19,774 (million t) = 10 774 000 t of crude steel production

In 1997

(million t) = 13 424 000 t of crude iron production and so on.


Republic of Korea: In 1998  

3 558 t of lead, 10 468 t of zinc, 39,896 (million t)= 39 896 000 t of crude steel production and so on.


Russian: In 1998   515 (Tsd. t) = 515 000 t of copper, 115 000 t of zinc, 67 (million t) = 67 000 000 t of iron ore, 2 465 (Tsd. t) = t 2 465 000 t of aluminium, 43,822 (million t) = 43 822 000 t of crude steel production, 2 358 t of uranium, 391,015 (bill. m3) = 391 015 000 000 m3 of natural gas and so on.

Just you and people like you speak of underground cavities in the earth's crust stratum and year after year these immense amounts are taken out of the earth from all sides.

How long should this go on with these little plays?

How much mass already comes from the earth by the again actively been volcanoes and how long should still the earth keep itself in your opinion?

Now you and others should consider, what on earth already all can be found of solid and liquid mass as e. g. asphalt, what quantitatively is not performed in the Fischer World Almanac, however, just these amounts and masses have obviously changed the structure of the earth crust.

If we take the expanse and the deep-built concrete-buildings according to the subterranean canalizations and if we take the steel railroad networks for an example, then remember you with your natural origin of an earthquake regarding of the earth's crust!

Now, end is with both, the insatiable exploitation of the earth and the hardening of the earth's crust.

You and people like you not even know the precise construction of the interior of the earth, however it is taken out everything that wasn't nailed down!

You have more and more and always faster pumped out the earth and have taken, what alone is to spend by this way!

Regardless of the construction of the earth, which has already become quite a sensitive planet, which must carry animals, plants, people and also already insatiable half an animals, whose cannot get enough anymore, the planet Earth must keep itself.

You wondered, from what the earth core consists and you are came onto an iron-nickel combination.

Some scientists and geophysicists want to bring out more in experience about the earth's core by nuclear tests of artificially caused waves by means of an evaluation technology.

The set up thesis according to this technique is: The earth's core on the overtaking course".

Other ones want to become famous by the depth researches by means of drilling experiments.

An other hypothesis, according to the World Atlas mentioned above consists the core of hydrogen and helium strong impoverished solar matter, i.e., he consists of very much under a high pressure standing hot gas.

These are hypotheses and if you maybe would be accepted the possibility for a third hypothesis, then it would be given, that, if the earth's core would be really drilled, not only helium separate a gas mixture combined with concentrated radioactivity would streem out and a high pressure drop would be the result.

Precisely like the human being is controlled about a center, by the heart is beating, just the earth exists absolutely also in the same way by an impulse, which manages the whole masses, the stratums and all the gases.

If one sees the data of the appeared earthquakes of the last twenty years, one must complement to the natural origin of an earthquake too, that at this time the construction and prosperity and therefore the exploitation of the earth proceeded in differently dimensions, as it was the case about hundred fifty years ago.If one considers nowadays, for which the highly toxic substances are needed in these dimensions as lead or uranium, then one do not may think about, wherefrom many the illnesses arise like the Cancer disease.

One should lay you and others over the knee and should let hit you and others the bottom, till it is green and blue!

You and people like you normally have used high costs for your school visits and for the study.

By the practice have you surrounded by very expensive and high-quality apparatuses and want to make one´s a name in a high level.

Your scientific executions are highly qualified, alone something is missing; the courage to the truth and the courage to let stop the consumption immediately.

If one has a closer look at the jobs of the today's time, unfortunately one clearly find out all in all, that the most workplaces of the whole humanity will cause the environment more damage than bring benefit.

Alone for travel to work and for the way back the environment pays more for the air pollutants by exhaust fumes of oil and gasoline than it is made by the offered worker: apart from the daily caused damages by the chimneys, rivers or sewage treatment plants, which mainly originate from the factories, what is not to be numbered any more.

If one takes the jobs in the nuclear research and checks they out, then one must ascertain, that for example a pollutant by plutonium is already given in the southern Pacific, so that it is disallow to any investigation commission by the French government to rigister the environmental damage there.

At the meanwhile some nuclear nations have still added to as for example Northern Korea.

The whole arms industry carries many jobs, yet, the Atomic physicists make for, that the final detonation could be come true by the subterranean nuclear tests, which could be connected with an underground cavity of unnatural origin, you silly, stupid rascals, you!

Every individual of you has been corruptible; if it is by a debt pit, by the lack of jobs on the labor market, by the wish for a big name, by the wish for luxury and pleasures and by a lot others more.

Nobody, simple no one of your lines is stood out by making true and clear facts, what can be confirmed daily!

Almost everybody has only the so-called progress by consumption, measured in holiday pleasures by means of acting in the head and, otherwise, nothing at all reasonable anymore!

You and people from your lines will get the following commands now: Every kind of radioactive use, particularly in the area of the nuclear tests has to be finished worldwide immediately.

Every quantitatively too high exploitation of the earth of solid, liquid and gaseous substances must be limited very strongly and must be turned down evenly.

Every depth researches of the earth, particularly those of the earth's core, must be stopped immediately.

Every other hardening and agglutination of the earth's crust has to be immediately thought through precisely and has to be finished accordingly, or it has to be acted accordingly.

The whole arms industry, particularly the nuclear arms evolution has to be stopped immediate worldwide.

The dismantling of uranium, lead and asphalt has to be finished immediately.

Oil and gas is allowed only according to conditional need from the earth, what also concerns particularly the Arabian world.

The delivery of the fuels in the filling stations for a private motorcar must be stopped by a delivery ban. It will be had to move on public means of transportation and on the bicycle, starting in my hometown.

**The nuclear power stations must be turned down worldwide evenly also for safety reasons.

For the realisation of these orders the institute for peace investigation and safety politics in Hamburg is taken in the responsibility.* (any more topically.)

At the same time please, teach your students, that a received study place in the first instance must be useful of the general public.

A study place is not made available to a high standard of living of the individual; but by a finished study the student should be able to save the life and survival of the humanity, he should hold a norm and should reach an adequate standard of living.

For example should be the humanity and its culture protected and improved also by intelligence.

It should not happen by highly qualified people, that the earth is endangered increasingly and is going to turnover or collapses by researches and sciences.

Please, finally remember that even for a future!Act rationally as you will work independently and do preliminary work for King Juergen to disburden his person, because the world carries around still other problems, which worldwide can be solved only by means of high tech, by people from abroad and by the Authority.

The time flies, so however, nobody hardly noticed, that the humanity has no more both feet on a firmed ground, but only moves on a very thin ice for a long time!

Also the EU Commission in Brussels are made responsible in this regard, however, the Catholic France is at the top to manage everything else in the matter.* (There is a quite valuable letter addressed to France)!

Homework: Please, do not forget, that the causal research must have the priority in every respect.

Even if the course could not be found, what can nearly be excluded, even then the next step may be done.

Especially defect genes have with a great security one course at least. Alone in this writing you will find more than one course of defect genes.

Please, let stop the experimental research of the whole cloning, but also the attempts of the whole gene manipulation worldwide, within you will send your findings to your government and the WHO.

There are many problems to find out between the manipulation within the food chain in this respect and therefore a reaction with the pollution or with different medicaments in the body, or with the mixture by an animal and a human being, or with the water, or with the atmosphere, or with the cosmetic, or with the radiate and much more.

On behalf of


2010, April 29th *Now also this writing is quite six years old and it is moved nothing from all of this statements, however, the contents of the writing has been confirmed by the earth during the last months almost completely!

2011, April 12*  facebook© Ursula Sabisch

Now this document is written 16 years back!!

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