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Die Christmette im Petersdom


"Auszug aus dem Internet!"

"Weihnachten erinnert uns, dass Gott fortfährt, jeden Menschen zu lieben, auch den schlimmsten", sagte er. Christen feiern an Weihnachten die Geburt des Religionsstifters Jesus Christus, in dem nach christlichem Glauben Gott Mensch wurde. "In Jesus hat sich Gott zum Kind gemacht, um sich von uns umarmen zu lassen", sagte der Papst.




Gottes Liebe zu den Menschen sei nicht an Bedingungen geknüpft. "Wie oft denken wir, dass Gott gut ist, wenn wir gut sind, und dass er uns straft, wenn wir böse sind. So ist es nicht", sagte Franziskus.

Franziskus betrat die Basilika kurz vor 21.30 Uhr hinter einer Prozession goldgewandeter Kardinäle. Vor Beginn der Messe enthüllte er eine Christkindfigur. Zwölf Kinder aus Italien, Japan, Venezuela, Kenia, Uganda, den Philippinen und dem Irak legten Blumen rundherum.


Christmas Writing


-------- Weitergeleitete Nachricht --------

Betreff: Matter and Commission of ..........
Datum: Wed, 25 Dec 2019 16:37:09 +0100
Von: Ursula Sabisch <nets_empress@gmx.net>
An: nunap-al@icc-al.org, nunapal@icc-al.org, nuntiusalger@yahoo.fr, nunc.nuncio@multitel.co.ao, nunciaturaapostolica@speedy.com.ar, nuntius@nunciature.com.au, nuntius@dhaka.net, nuncjatura@episkopat.pl

Germany, Luebeck, 25 December 2019

The German language document you may find here!

Please let this document be translated in many languages and be handed over to the correspond persons.


My dear fellow Human beings, my dear Clergy!

Also my person, with whom the Church obviously did not expect and who is also not mentioned and found in the entire Bible study, would like to make it very clear and irrevocably contradict Pope Francis, by our Pope Francis is clearly mistaken and pretends, that God's love is not conditional!

Basically and demonstrably:

Everybody can also lose God's love, but man can regain his love; nevertheless it is very important to know, that man can even lose his love forever and ever!

Has Pope Francis never heard of the devil, or does he not believe, that there is a devil or the evil at all, or has he just forgotten how serious life and love really is?

He is right that God continues to love the human being and sometimes he may also love the worst ones, but he certainly does not love the devilish ones permanently, and that is quite obvious in the Bible studies!


Such a false assumption and statement can only be given by a Pope, if the devil or the evil and not the Lord God is already worshipped!

My person could clearly see, that all knee benches (kneelers)* are already missing in St. Peter's Basilica and that the visitors of the Christmette were sitting on the chairs partly with their legs crossed, while they were following the Christmette, because they did not intend divine service or Christmette, then the prayer to God is also a part of it and basically always the knee-benches (kneelers)* belong to it!

In my opinion, the worst ones are especially those, whose can hide behind the Lord God in golden robes and* behind the bell bag as a three-digit billion-pound Church, to assume the right, to thrown with the values of all of us Creator!!

You, as the Clergy, should rather make yourself very small in your golden robes, especially if you can't truthfully make understood to everybody, what the matter is and that is, why you've been in the position of being cold-blooded starve people to death in the world for decades, by establishing a billion-dollar worldwide Church in this way!

Also for you and your peers my person wishes, that the stick of the beater* will break, but the Cudgel of my person remains stable and strong enough to spank every bad person and even the worst person(s) at least the sick butt!

All the best in future!

Ursula, Empress