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Earth Tremors

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers!

Today on Sunday the 16th of October 2022 at 6:13 o'clock (CEST) a light earthquake with the strength 3.9 and the depth 12.0 km has occurred near Tuebingen in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

Among them were in the whole surrounding area as in the Karlsruhe region in Rastatt about 7 strong earth tremors with the magnitude 6.0 among the various weak to moderate earth tremors. 

Do you and your kind still need a long time to understand what is the matter or do you finally want to accept the reality, which does not look very good? 

Then we should get into conversation again! 

This is not a private matter and for this reason this document is published, because every person is concerned in the matter!  

Due to the behavior of the population and the responsible persons in the matter and in the order my person saw herself some months ago forced to visit the psychological service in the health office Luebeck, which can be regrettably not the way and the goal. 

For this reason my person will teach you and your kind as the responsible persons in the matter and will determine hereby the destination for further discussions. 

We will talk in future in Neustadt, Schleswig-Holstein in the psychiatry, however, my person will be the one who will visit you as the interlocutors in the matter. 

There you and your kind will linger and explain to my person among other things, who and why for example a large building site directly at my present dwelling arose and who caused this and/or did not prevent this strong noise nuisance, although my person already went by the housing behavior of previous tenants of the dwellings by the hell! 

You and your kind will send my person a polite and clear invitation to a conversation in Neustadt in Schleswig-Holstein by letter post and my person will consider whether she will follow this invitation.  

You and your kind better do not forget to indicate also the title of my person in the invitation unequivocally, because otherwise the invitation to a further conversation on the part of my person will lead to nothing and will be rejected therefore! 

Become finally healthy, you lame ducks, because the time presses!  

Best Regards, Ursula Sabisch 


Germany, Luebeck, October 16, 2022

                                         HP: Luebeck, October 18, 2022

You and your kind had better also not forget that one of the motivations and the drive of my person in the matter was and is above all also the end of hunger in the world!

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